Microreviews: The Big Time (Story)Bundle (Part 1)

I grabbed the Big Time Bundle from StoryBundle when it was going on last year, and I’ve mostly completed reading through all of the books. So, I’m writing some micro-reviews of the books! I’ll review in the order I read them so that I don’t forget the ones I read first. I also tried to include the best link to purchase each of these from.

Note: all of the books/stories in this bundle involve plots that mess with time, whether that be by time-travel, relativity, etc.

Warm Springs: A Thunder Mountain Novel by Dean Wesley Smith

This one was a light-hearted fun one. This book (like most others in the bundle) was my first exposure to both the author as well as their “Thunder Mountain” books. From what I can gather, the books are all about time traveling historians who timetravel back a century into the North American West.

This one is about a mysterious institute that brings on the historian Dr. Isabelle Russell with a too-good-to-be-true residency offer in exchange for her expertise. Also involved is the equally mysterious Dr. Logan Zane Thomas. Zane and Belle quickly find themselves caught up in a flurry of time-travel, multi-verse theory, and a good dose of that “I’m my own grandpa” bootstrap paradox craziness.

Read if you like fast-moving narratives, thrill of the journey, and very soft sci-fi.

Be warned if you nit-pick over character development, less polished dialogue, and overly grandiose plotlines squeezed into a short book.

My rating: 7/10

Beauty, Captured and Framed by Lisa Silverthorne

I think this one had a bit more polish on the character development/dialogue side.

The story is about a team of modern-day ghost busters who are investigating some haunted portraits from a century ago (sound familiar?). Also involved is a murder mystery that the protagonist, Jackson Mayfield, is somewhat obsessed with solving. These haunted portraits are also intertwined with the mysterious murder of Ophelia Swann, an opera star from the late 1800s.

Of course, eventually Jackson is teleported back to the time in 1896 right before Ophelia’s murder and sucked in to solving the mystery in an “up close and personal” private detective fashion. There may also be some romantic involvement…

Read if you like nods to “Ghostbusters”, Victorian-era, romance, and (duh) time travel.

Be warned if you nit-pick over eye-rolling star-crossed lover romances, short stories in general, or hate Ghostbusters.

My rating: 8/10